Delaware Christian Drummers Academy

Uniting Christian Drummers Locally & Globally

Welcome! I am very excited to present Delaware Christian Drummers

Delaware Christian Drummers invites anyone interested and passionate in learning the art of drumming, utilizing percussion and rhythm in the Christian Spirit.

It is a Blessing to be the State chapter representative for the International Drummers for Jesus.
My vision is to unite the Christian Drumming Community at the local level and then have the Holy Spirit leverage our organization to do outreach and mission work Globally.

We will accomplish this in three ways.

  • Private Lessons 

These are uniquely and professionally developed by introducing the Drum Set and teaching the fundamentals and theory of playing this fun instrument.  My students are instructed to play by "EAR" and are encouraged to develop their own unique, creative style with their gifts from the Spirit.

  • Monthly Group Fellowship & Drumming Session

We then encourage our students to attend our monthly group sessions to experience this fun and relaxed fellowship "get-together".  Area Christian drummers will be invited to attend this event, share their testimony...and jam - in the Spirit of our Lord.

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Drummers For Jesus Event

Carl J. Immediato
Praise & Worship Drummer


History...Drummer's For Jesus was formed in Dallas, Texas in 2002 by Carlos Benson.  Drummer's for Jesus International is a world wide network of drummers and percussionists who use their art and passion for drumming to spread the message of Jesus Christ.

We promote this message through private lessons & fellowship activities at the local to the international level.

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